Apr 10, 2016

Kebnekaise Nordtopp Halspasset på skidor

A ski descent from Kebnekaise Nordtopp - second highest peak in Sweden

A somewhat exposed ski descent from the second highest peak in Sweden, Kebnekaise Nordtopp down the west face / "Halspasset"

  Halspasset is a classic alpine climb up the west side of Kebnekaise. The approach is done via Storglaciären/Isfallsglaciären via a steep snow face up to the col.
After that its a PD climb over 250m with a vertical face below. Often with short rock sections, but this year snow has totally covered the rocks and made the face perfectly skiable.
I just took the opportunity.

Approaching "Halsspasset"

//Bury me in Blue Jeans!

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