Nov 17, 2011

Back in ZION

in my opinion one of the best and nicest climbing areas to find
A whole bunch of classic climbs, free, clean and aid routes, it's there!

An important thing though, you should be a fan of crack climbing, climb on your own gear and not to concerned about a runout now and then.
Autumn and early winter is a perfect time to go as October trough December. Can get a little chilly, but why not chill out a bit sometimes?
And if it's to cold for climbing there is horse riding, bike riding, hiking or just take it soft a day or two

The last two days we have been focusing on some big crack climbs in the valley.
Megamahedral and Shune's Buttress, two 5.11 routes with up to 30 min approach. Not to bad?!
Perfect conditions with little people and nice temperature.

Megamahedral at 5.11- III/IV 6 pitches of variated crack and off with climbing.

And a nice thing with that one is that it comes with a foot wash.

the off with pitch, great fun

Anna almost on top of the second crux pitch, 5.11-

Some funny guys on Summit of Megamahedral

Pitch one on "Shune's Buttress a 8 pitch 5.11
A route that has even more of everything. And pitch seven would be a mega climb, if not it's just on pitch 7 after a bunch of great off with...Lucky us!

Pitch 8 and 7 on Shune's

And, if not enough its only 2.5h to Viva Las Vegas!

/Climb what you fly

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