Jun 15, 2014

Speed touring riding...


....skitouring with a flying machine in my backpack - what a thought !
My wing and minimalistic harness weight under 3 kilos in total - and that gives me an "airplane" made out of fabric and some strings that can fly up to 140 kph and roll faster then most high end aerobatic airplanes...

Speed touring riding...

Aska-Sport wing A2, 2.4kg
Kortel Kliff Selette 320gr
Dynafit Nanga Parbat Skis 1000gr
Dynafit PDG Boots 795gr


Et voila, 4515gr and a "speed touring flying machine"
Ski when the snow is good, airborne when the snow is crap or just unskiable (to steep or to much rocks)

// Nuet-den del av evigheten som avgränsar besvikelsen från hoppet


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