May 16, 2016

Voie Rebuffat - Eperon des Cosmiques

  Taking advantage of the approaching "summer"- in fact the Alpine Summer would be more correct. Climbing the classic Voie Rebuffat at Eperon des Cosmiques 

With a 7 day window with no work we tried to get the most out of a week with combined activities of skiing and climbing. With the weather gods a little against our planes and ideas, working against us sort of, we decided to make at least one good try to get an alpine rock climb in there...somewhere.

Eperon des Cosmiques

The easiest and best plan would be Eperon at Aiguille du Midi and the Voie Rebuffat. A 6 pitch route up les Cosmiques with old style UIAA grade VI maximum, over the small roof.
A great rock climb but in our weather condition turned out to be more of an Alpine adventure. Just a great day out!!

The approach or actually pitch 1, just snow at this time.

High quality rock. Anna follows on pitch 3 over the roof

Belay at top of pitch 4, already occupied by locals

Le Topo du massif du Mont Blanc - Michel Piola

You need
1 set of nuts
1 set of friends Green-Red Alien, #0.75-3.0 BD
50m rope
  1. //Never give up, it's such a wonderful life

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