Jan 14, 2017

Stassaz - flocons du glace

Stassaz - flocons du glace

la Stassaz

With the lack of snow, at least the huge quantitate, the last weeks cooler temperature has given an opportunity to form a number of bigger ice routes.
Even down in lower altitude.

premier pitch la Stassaz

Around Megeve and les Contamines as well as the areas around Flumet is a number of nice frozen waterlines of ice.
Some of them even equipped with rap anchors.

One of the nicer lines is Stassaz and Cascade de la Stassaz. A 50m ice route at WI4+/5 that seems to form quite quick.
At least at this moment it is very well formed and still not out climbed, penetrated with holes which often is the issue later in the year. 
When ice routes more becomes like a promenade…

la Stassaz...

  An other nice surprise is a couple of water falls close to the restaurant ”Sel du Flocons” close to Coté 2000, above the village of Megeve.
The approach is some 10-20min down the stream, facing the restaurant and well visible on the road when driving up the valley.
The canyon holds a number of different lines and the ”Grand Cascade” WI4+ 120mts is the most obvious one. But there is also a coulee of shorter 25-30mts steeper routes up to WI5+/6

Approach for Stassaz
Cross the Hameau du Planay ( waterfall visible) and park at the end of the road.
Cross the creek, and take the forest road at the edge of the forest, continue following Planay Creek to the waterfall.
For the approach to Pissieux, do not cross the creek, follow the road towards the Bison farm (cottage on the left) until the first bridge. Follow the stream upstream.

And what ever you do, don't cross the fence to the farm du bison!! :)

Approach to le Grénand
Follow the route to Megeve, take the second rond point and drive towards Rochebrune.
Continue along the road to le Grénand, some 3,5km. Park on the opposite of le Flacons restaurant and have a nice espresso afterwards. The most expensive one you could afford!

Foret de la Grénand

Driving directions for Stassaz
50mts rope or 2x50mts (you can make it with 2x40mts but who has that nowadays?!?!)
4-10 ice screws
4-10 QD´s
A good belayer!

Cascade du Glace T1 by Batoux/Seifert

Route de la retour...en flocons

// Tempora mutantur nos et mutamur in illis 

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