Dec 22, 2019

La Chambotte - Aix-les-Bains

 Beautiful suited over the lac du Bourget at almost 650m is the nice climbing sector of la Chambotte.
It is a south facing big section of limestone, well bolted and up to three pitches of good climbing covering over all grades. Perfect for beginners who want to improve or try leading multi-pitch climbing.

La belle vue over lac du Borget
ACCESS: You can access it from both sides of the mountain:
1) From La Biolle: located on the N201 connecting Aix les Bains to Annecy. Take the D991B on the left
passing by ST Germain la Chambotte then La Chambotte.
2) From Chaudieux: located on the D991 connecting Aix les Bains to Culoz (along the lake). Take the right
D991B which goes up to La Chambotte.
Park in the car park between the tunnel and the village. There is room for many vehicles if everyone makes the effort to park intelligently.

Pass (on foot!) the tunnel and descend to the hairpin to find the path that runs along the cliff.
Don´t park directly at the hair-pin!

le Diedre de l´Arbre

The climbing start directly after leaving the road. And there are many nice routes but I have, so far, three favorits not to be missed.
Sector du Diedre de l´Abre
le Diedre de l´Arbre (6a obl)
Tripaille, Farine, Pate, Riz (6a+)
Both have tre nice pitches

Sector Toit Triangulaire
le Toit Triangulaire (6a+)
An other 3-pitch route with interesting fun climbing, not to be missed!

le toit triangulaire

le toit triangulaire
the body crack of toit triangulaire
le toit

the sectors

Toit triangulaire topo (route 6) start to the right up to the ledge and then traverse out left

It is possible to climb here during the whole year round, but the summer months can probably be very hot!

2x50m ropes
10-12 QD´s

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