Feb 19, 2014

Drytooling Servoz - Momus M6 - Ça marche

"Momus"- M6 dry tooling
A bit slow rock dry tooling area, but very nice safe climbing and a superb "ballade" on a rainy day or just for a relaxed safe dry tooling tour
The approach is not much to argue about, 10-15 m and you are there
Walk the same distance up the road and you are at the restaurant for a coffee/espresso
Sport tooling at its best!

at the base of the rock, Servoz, dry tooling area

Well, humus and terre, pitch 1

Cleaner and dryer, Pitch 2

Steeper and a little harder, pure fun and underarm work out, M6! sure!!


Park in the parking lot just before the climbing wall in Servoz, when driving from Chamonix.
The cliff is visible from the bottom, up 10/15 meters into the forest, the name of the routes is written at the base of the climbs

Note: all holes are frankly well marked in red!

Drytooling area seen from the road at Servoz

L1 40m diagonally right, spits close, natural taken a lot of vegetation. 13 points!
L2 20m climb up the ledge, comfortable relay
L3 35m up in the slab and on the right, more curved. Taken out and drilled holes marked in red. M6
L4 beautiful 20m long, a most athletic pitch. M6

You need
2x60m rope
13 QD's

Full topi at camp 2 camp
/Ibland har man medvind , ibland blir man blåst...

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