Feb 1, 2014

Freeriding Japan - Samuraj Powder

Freeriding in Japan - One of the places on earth that gets most snow during the year
Between 12-14m on a regular year. Why not try it out and ski some of it !*?
Free ride Japan
Most skiers that visit Japan do so for its big numbers of easy slopes, fine moderately steep, runs with Japanese perfectionism of `manschester trim´
A smaller number come here to beat to grips with easily accessible off-piste skiing, often to the ski patrols lack of understanding. And they take it serious to hunt the hors-pisters
So buying day passes or just single tickets is advised

SWAP team skipatrol, specially at Goruy they are quite `on´

Even fewer continue farther away from the ski area to go on ski touring or as they say here "going Backcountry"
Skitouring in Tsugaike

The ski touring possibilities are almost endless and with a little imagination and inspiration so you can always find nice long ride
A regular skiday in Japan

Tsugaike Kogen and Mt Hakuba Norikura Dake is one of many places to visit and a nice day trip when it's not snowing the last few days and the powder right on the lift has become tracked.
Which happens sometimes even here

And then there is between 800-1200 m vertical meters of pure happiness

Hakuba is centrally located close to Nagano and thus easily accessible on the main island, which of course does´t make it less attractive. Add to that Japan's biggest vertical drop and the result is a ski area you do not get tired in the first place: one day you can go big lines on open, steep mountain sides to the next day fine rides in the woods. All you need is someone who knows where and when

A skitrip to Japan involves som much more then just the skiing, great food, hot springs (natural Onsens which many of the hotels has)
Likewise, the ability to see the famous snow monkeys, Makaka, which is only available in Japan and on three of the islands, including the main island of Honshu

Getting here
Fly to Tokyo, Narita or Haneda airport
Transport to Hakuba can be made either with bus or train. Train via Nagano
It is also possible to book a direct bus transfer from the Narita airport which cost about 12500yen
Regular transport is about 4800yen

A big number of hotels but my favourites are Hakuba High mount or if you want a little more luxury Tokuy Hotel

Favorit places of mine is Myoko and Hakuba
Nosawa Onsen is also a very big offpist area
Buy only day passes, since the patrol might be hard on the lift passes if you go offpist from the post. For ski touring, you are safe though
And as always with snow, don't underestimate the avalanche danger

Good sites are

//Freeride Japan

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