Jan 23, 2012

Offerdal an glace

Approaching the ice routes in Rise, Offerdal

In just a small area there are some really nice and a big load of different routes, mixed, ice and dry ones
Even though there isnt any multi pitching some of them are close to 50. The local climbing club in Östersund are up to putting a new topo over the areas but there is already useful info on their website. http://www.ostersundskk.se/is/
Mixed up in "Smulberget" an M5 route

Oscar fighting his way up the frozen water, which it was plenty of...
Changing routes and I had Jan Fighting his way up
 Not to bad for a beginner I must say
Swedish winter conditions
 With its short days...
Eric sundberg with his new Grivels, to easy!
 head lamp skiing in Almåsa, bonne conditions la neige
Swedish winter folks, skiing in Vemdalen between choping the ice off

 Next stop Cogne...

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