Jan 25, 2012

Repentance Super Val de Cogne

 Warm days, long hot nights...well today I felt like I had warm wet bandage. With out the warm part, just a bit shivering. Going showering in the fields of vertical ice, now and then more water then ice almost...!

Val de Cogne has a lot of great ice climbing, but sorry to say a lot of climbers as well. But I guess that the good coffee makes that even, togheter with the unbelievable carte de wine's.
So, a double espresso for a euro twenty, as long as the currency last, and off we were for the goal of the day, the classic REPENTANCE, WI6. Or more a WI5 but still a great climb!

And not overcrowded either, and the shower is included folks, just bring the shampoo!
Otherwise it will be as for us, a smell of wet suit in the car on the return
Taking off from the ice cave

But, its a beautiful climb! A thing I really like with ice routes at this level, the formations is just something!
 Magnus fighting up the shower, hairless
 The walk in, a little more then 1 1/2h is well worth the effort, as usually the longer the walk, the less people, the better the climb. And with the amount of snow in this area its not bad at all.

 Well, there is nothing as a good anchor is there...?!
 Bonne descente and don´t miss to bring the parapluie

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