Feb 17, 2016

Météo mauvaise...

  The beginning of this year 2016 has been an remarkable bad year regarding snow and ice conditions, so far.

Big avalanche, self released, in Uri Kanton

  Every week, more or less, has involved heavy snow, hard strong winds and then very warm temperatures.

This might have given good mixed conditions on altitude, not given the super dry warm weather during late fall.

Gemstock, Andermatt...

  Finally, at least the average snow conditions has become quite good. The avalanche danger has also been pending between 4 to 2 in just a few days.
At this point there is a high 2 on the scale, but just a couple of days ago it was a 4!

Jochgrubenkopf (2453m), Tyrol
link http://www.skipass.com/news/130961-avalanche-de-grande-ampleur-en-au.html

  There has also been quite a lot of big avalanches, les Aravis has suffered with a few mortal ones as well.
But also in Sweden and Switzerland there has been a number of giant slides.


  This has meant low activity with exposed climbing as well as skiing, at least from my point of view.
Personally I have keep t the activity low, just a few low angle ski-touring and off-piste skiing days.
So far....

But, now and then the skiing has been briljant and specially the tree-skiing is amazing!

Now I hope to get a springtime with bon montagne condition...

/go safe

La Balme a wintery day

//Vi ska alla dö en dag, men alla andra dagar lever vi!