Apr 25, 2016

Swedish Lapland - Kebnekaise

A couple of more excellent days on skis in Swedish Lapland.

  With stable powder springsnow and long beautiful days in the land of reindeers and aurora borealis.
But also a high number of steep couloirs and big faces...

"Rullevare Rännan"

Booting up "Rullevare"
  The magic with this area is that the more time I spend here the more interesting lines and possibilities I see. Like two more for everything I finds out...
The last couple of lines is in the area of Tarfala and a cool narrow couloir in Láddjuvággi.

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Apr 13, 2016

Kebnepakte South East Face - On Ski

Kebnepakte - Massif Kebnekaise 

  Super good snow conditions, as so often, at this time of year. Early spring time skiing in the Swedish Lappland is often high quality snow. And a good time to ski some of the big number of steep faces and couloirs.

With the base at STF Kebnekaise Fjällstation, Mountain Station,  the access to this high mountain area most be said to be quite easy. Once you are here that is! 
Getting up to the Mountain Station which is reach either by car, train or Avion via Kiruna and Nikkaloukta. The last 19km from "Nikka" is done by skis since the road ends in Nikkaloukta.
This part is also run by Nikkaloukta Turist which have a skoter service.

Steep upper section on Kebnepakte

  The STF station is full equipped with all the things a skier needs, comfortable rooms, good food and tasteful beer!

Then, to hike out to the surrounding mountains, well that is just up to you and your self!

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Apr 10, 2016

Kebnekaise Nordtopp Halspasset på skidor

A ski descent from Kebnekaise Nordtopp - second highest peak in Sweden

A somewhat exposed ski descent from the second highest peak in Sweden, Kebnekaise Nordtopp down the west face / "Halspasset"

  Halspasset is a classic alpine climb up the west side of Kebnekaise. The approach is done via Storglaciären/Isfallsglaciären via a steep snow face up to the col.
After that its a PD climb over 250m with a vertical face below. Often with short rock sections, but this year snow has totally covered the rocks and made the face perfectly skiable.
I just took the opportunity.

Approaching "Halsspasset"

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