Jun 27, 2016

Spitsbergen 2016

Skiing on Svalbard / Spitsbergen lat +75°

  As always, this location, with its great possibilities for an adventurous skiing trip, hard to beat!
Its amazing scenery, its wild life and the huge big numbers of ski lines direct down to the sea, that is true "Summit to Sea".
Hard to be beaten elsewhere!!

I will let the pictures speak for them self...

The biggest on land, these guys get up to 1500kg! mr Morse

Huge gettering!

The Boss, on its way up.

Sterna paradise.

The local Boss, Big Boss!

Locals hanging around.

Ove, the chief, making the engine run even better.
At work.

The Origo Crew

Best place to be.
the complete team 2016! Skiers, crew and captain of Origo

Correct but easy info
We love skiing, skiing everything!
Time for an Arctic Swim after a long hot day skiing...chill of!

Credits to Mats Jarmer at Jarmer.se for some great shoots and good company!