Orpierre Haute Provence
- The clue of true Mountainpassion -  

"Life holds a huge number of perspectives. It can surprise us in many ways. We are primary born into a life with out any chans of influence. But with the help of friends, hard work and with a great deal of luck and focus we can change our ways. Working with the only real things in life, the nature. This is one of the reasons I have chosen to climb, ski and fly. Being out in the mountains givs me perspective, force and peace. Bridging troubles and  peace to mind"

Natilik 6b+ - Céüse

Ice climbing in Vallee l´Arve 2017
Stetind - Norway

Powder days in Kebnekasie - 2017

Serious skiing down "Virranränni" - Kebnekaise 2017

the Incredible Hulk - High Sierras California

Evening at Kolob Canyon - Utah

Hidden Canyon - Zion Utah

Monkey Fingers - Zion

Mount Hunter - Alaska

Climbing on mt Hunter

a classic "Fil a Plombe" Face nord aig Midi

Inner Chi 5.11 - Zion Utah

Summit of Dome du Image

Summit day on Mt Blanc

Lillpakte - Sweden Abisko

Stállegorsa - Kebnekaise

Pictures of Kebnekasie Eastlake  with 3 new descents down its face.

A 45-55' ski descent from the Kebnekaise plateu down to Björlings glacier.
Exposed and interesting skiing...

Orpierre Haute Provence

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