Apr 7, 2012

Super Combo l'Empire des sens

Hmm, quite few people around...starts me thinking whats wrong when approaching the Flègére thelepherique

And yes, a small sign on one of the ticket windows explain: l'Index lift is closed!

New planes...The 8€ parking at Brevant is not an option so down the Vallée l'Arve to le Balme, a safe card!

The 1988 route of Monsieur Périllat, vieux de la Montagne, is an other high quality Balme route.


Following on the first pitch of le vieux

The first pitch i a little of a transport but the rest of le vieux is sustained variated climbing... As the topo says, Escalade très variée! To make it even better the first 7a pitch of the neighbor l'Empire is recommended. One for at least me full on 7a, with a bunch of on line moves up the steep part of this corner of the world.


Not much approaching to hassle about, is there?

Gives 170mts of climbing with mostly good bolts, the last 2 is a bit older things (and it might also be an idea to bring a 14mm key to tighten the bolts)

Fête dans le cheminée

Anna on the delicate 6c travers, pitch 3...

...fighting gravity

After the traverse pitch there is a bit relaxing climbing...with some of the hardest 6b climbing I have ever tried out lately. Makes me wonder how tall Monsieur Périllat is (probably a really short but just ordinary strong French guy in the end, but it gives an excuse!)

The last pitch is a super nice technical thing which together with spread out bolts gives a focusing impression...

A bit of cussing but finally I can clip the last anchor just as the first rain drops starts to drip...


9 quickdraws and a 60mts rope or 2x50

Rappel an route

/Bonne chance




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