Dec 19, 2013

Nant Fandraz - 400m WI5

Since the winter has started with low temperatures the ice conditions has turned out to be more than good

And togheter with the low amount of snow the approaches as well as the danger of getting avalanched is low as well. There fore many exposed ice routes is quite safe to approach and climb at the moment.

One of these is the ones up in the gorges above les Contamines, Nant Juaune, Fandraz and le Tremplin. All which a in good conditions at the moment.

After a ski tour up to mont Joly I just hooked on the plan to pack my light weight Ozone wing and go for a speed ascent of Fandraz. It just looked like a perfect goal and would bring a nice flight as well in my opinion at least...


Early morning and a look at "paragliding map" gave the answer that the wind was to strong and from the wrong direction. Bit nothing worse than I could do with an other coffee and perform a bit of "office work"

An hour later the sun was up there shining but the winds kept on it forces as well. But as the patience got lower I still just decided to give it a go. The extra weight of the glider, 1.2kilograms, is just nothing to fuzz about and it would still be a nice day outside


Driving up to the village with all the inspiring mountains around makes the day even "en plus" and togheter with some good country music in the speakers the mood is a top


The approach turns out to be a pure satisfaction, 20min of walking and I'm at the base of the gorge and a couple of 100mts of canyoning up the gorge brings me to the foot of the ice.

Time to start swinging!

Except for a couple of chamois I'm just by my self today, just foot prints from the ice team I saw wo days ago and nothing else


The climbing is easy on soft ice, with the only hazard of quite big stones that comes tumbling down the colouir now and then. Mostly then actually.

20 min approach and 1.40min climbing takes me to the summit slopes of T Orient and Mont Joly, with almost no wind...time for a bit of relaxing and dejuner in the sun. Finishing the water bottle and a pice of baguette

Then part 2 starts with a comfy descent with my Miniwing back down to the parking, almost landing at the back of my Ford


/Cruxet med självförtroende är att man måste känna sig så jävla mycket bättre än alla andra...


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