Jan 6, 2014

Mort Blanche

 Sept victimes en seulement cinq jours! La «mort blanche» ne cesse de frapper depuis le début de saison dans les Alpes suisses. A tel point que l’Association suisse des guides de montagne tient une conférence de presse de prévention ce matin. La faute d’une situation nivologique catastrophique, qui a malheureusement très peu de chances de s’améliorer avec le temps

The number of casualties and accidents has made the Swiss montainguides to make an statement 
-So much so that the Swiss Association of Mountain Guides held a press conference this morning prevention. A catastrophic situation, which unfortunately has very little chance to improve with time

The bad snow situation has appeared caused by the early snowfall and cold temperatures, which kept the snow unconsolidated and still though it has been very warm the situation has not improved the weak layers. Which now most likely will just stay buried under the hopefully big snowfalls to come

During 5 days seven people was to be killed by avalanches and sorry to say but this number will most certain raise in numbers
But, by sating away from north and northeast/northwest slopes over angels of 30 degrees and these big bowls of snow. That would keep up the good speed for safer days

Or, just staying around the areas with tree skiing..

//Stay safe

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