Mar 29, 2016

Aiguille de la Tête Plate : Couloir N de l'Arête Plate

  Some good conditions and still not to warm around Chamonix. Great time to ski some steep couloirs.
As always or at least often the Aiguille Rouge area has a high number of interesting lines.
The classic Col du Belvédère as an often skied example. At this moment in a very good safe condition. A little out-skied at the top, but still ok with some unused areas...
Rappel down col du Belvédère 

Skiing down col du Belvédère

  An other classic is col Beugeant. Also a good ski run with only some 700 vertical meter access via lac Blanc.
On the same direction is the little less known Couloir de l´Arete Plate.
A little, but just a little more awkward to get to, but the payback is double tums up!
If your unsure of the start, there is an improvised anchor to rappel off from. The outcome if you fall is bad so make sure not to.
The skiing is engage to start with and up to 40-45°.
And in the end it takes you to Glacier d´Anneuley and down to Le Buet.
Just a great days adventure!

Approach at the bottom of the scramble

after the climbing section, now its just steep hiking...

And then it goes back to skis on the last bit...

Rappelling down at the start

or just skiing it...

Some great exposed couloir skiing!

Anna at the upper part of Couloir N de l'Arête Plate

Lower part of Couloir N de l'Arête Plate

And just enjoying the late March powder at Couloir N de l'Arête Plate

Anna keeping it together

ZAG powder to the people - Chamonix!

30m rope if rappelling.
Might be useful to have on the way up as well on the scrambling part...
Crampons if icey
Glacier equipment
Plus info at Camp to Camp

//You can't improvise from nothing. Therefore we all need something.

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