Dec 9, 2018

BASE - Classic BASE Verdon

Vent des Errances - Gorges du Verdon - is a most classic BASE jump in France. Opened in 1990 by Patrick De Gayardon and Bruno Gouvy. A 10min access from Belvedere de la Carelle takes you to the EXIT. An exit point with a 450m clean jump. One big issue, the landing zone is quite small and leans down into the canyon/river. So a clean landing on the path is a very good option.
Check the conditions well before the jump, many times its windy in the opening section (so don't open to high) which could twist up the parachute/180° or worse! And might twist up the landing as well.
Mornings and evenings are normally the best.

A 25min walk takes you back to the parking area at Belvédère Samson. And bring a head torch for the tunnels.

Link to Vent des Errances

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