Mar 19, 2014

Quatre les têtes

les quatere Tetes - vallée l'Arve

A most brilliant flight of the obvious peak high above Sallanche and the valley of l´Arve, Chamonix

Les têtes


Le voie up to les Tetes is most straight forward from Burzier via refuge Doran. And what ever, don't miss the Myrtilles cake at the refuge!


From the hut the path gets steeper and +steeper, but le bellevue..cette juste tres bien, voila!

Once at the Tete summit the options to fly down is BIG. The best and most adrenalin one os the one to the south, just takes a bit of nil wind or head wind. Turbulance works out, but the couple of hundred meters drop makes it a bit…

Départ Doran


With a north wind there is still a lot of other take off directions, really every choise of direction. The sky is the limit!

Et bonne voile...




L'aventura è dentro di noi


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