Sep 17, 2012

Pilier Rouge via Nabot Léon, 6a

A classic Piola route at Aig. de Blaitiere from plan de aiguille Nabot Léon 6a, 250m

Approach this area from plan de Aiguilles and the téléphérique Midi

The Nabot Léon starts a bit to the left of the big snow field to the left of the gray rock

The walk to the base is via the path towards lac blue that continues to Montanvers. Keep on walking the path until under the moraine ridge heading up to the Blaitiere face.

The col on the approach

For the climb you need

Rope 2x50, one small set of wires, 0,3-3 Camalot and 7-8 QD's

All the belays/anchours are in place

Approach 1.30h, climb 3h, rappel 1h, return to téléphérique 1.30h

Useful, a stick and crampons!

/remember, always take a small rest between each step when walking on altitude!

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