Nov 10, 2012

La prémiere le neige

Suddenly the winter had arrived. With the snow level down to 900 meter and mornings when I felt it best to use the heater (motorvärmaren) on my car before starting it. I thought that, Jeess time to go skiing.
The day before I had been sport climbing a couple of routes at les Maladière and it looked like the upper slopes at les Carroz had some snow on it...maybe. Said and done we packed the car with skis and boots together with skins and...speed wing. Fully equipped for every possibility!
Arriving in Carroz it was just to realize that, ok my neighbor was right. There is some snow but nothing to ski on. After being "pucko" déclaré by some locals we anyway sprinted away up the hills, zig zagging between the stones
A perfect workout day, run on the skis up down, voilà!
Take off, saving the skiis

And then, when it looked like best, the föhn wind came!

Suddenly, instead it's gone in the wind. But, there will be more for sure. We just wait it out...


//The best time of life is living it


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