Nov 8, 2011

Bydalsfjällen Jemtland

Suddenly the wind stoped!
After a long night with heavy duty strong winds, which were shaking not just the tent.
But after a slow breakfast we, me and Vanja, still decided to at least do a reduced tour around the massiv to get some mountain air, maybe even under the wing!
So, said and done we marched off towards the big open to see what was waiting. And it wasn't just the views this time, it was a bit of entertainment for us both

Sunset over Bydalsfjällen and a new weather front moving in

Stenhyttan Västfjället 1069mts

During the day the wind relaxed a bit so it was possible to pick out the wing for a bit of souring
And with the wind breaking off, the sky clearing even more and the sun heating up the air we could have a great evening outside the tent before dusk.

Well spent time because next day didn't turn up with any flight weather so to speak...

But Vanja had her share of fun still, going hunting these poor bastards!

An other great couple of days!

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